RDT your Revolutionary partner

RDT - specialist in the manufacturing of high quality Natural diamond, PCD & CBN toolings and some of the unique achievements are:

Increased Productivity :

RDT-Tools are designed uniquely according to the actual application, which enable you to operate in higher parameters. Increase in parameters will provide you shorter cycle time, less down time and as a result good increase in productivity.

Increase in Product Quality :

The unique manufacturing system of all tools manufactured in RDT, will meet all its standards with tight tolerances. Which enable to perform less vibration & friction. Reduced friction holds, longer tool life, better roundness, and more accurate concentricity.

Delivery Time :

RDT can be able to deliver all standard tools within seven working days and special or customised tools will be delivered with 25 working days, respectively. We are working to reduce our lead-time in future.

Professional Technical back - up :

With highly qualified tool technicians working in a close co-operation with you, we are ready to serve you better with utmost technical environment. Or we can say like this, we will take care of our tool performance until it reaches the expected output.

Regrind of tools :

We regrind your used tools, with the same way the manufacturing theory of our new tools, by maintaining all original tool geometries. In addition, we regrind other brand tools also, with very good results.

100% consistence at all our cutting edges :

Due to unique style of maintaining drawing database and closely monitoring all tracks of our tools, we can able to continuously manufacture all our tools with exact same geometries in all our future supplies.