Technical advantages PCD turning and BORING tools as compared to tungsten carbide :

  1. Better surface finish (for brilliant surface finish, natural diamond should be used).
  2. Interrupted-cut machining without any problems.
  3. Better ratio of surface finish to cutting forces and metal removal rate.
  4. Lower cutting forces.
  5. Higher cutting speeds, feed rates and cutting depths for very tough materials.
  6. Roughing and finishing cycles possible in one operation.
  7. Tool life generally 50 times or more than that of tungsten carbide tools.
  8. Possibility of closer dimensional tolerances.

Technical advantages of CBN turning tools, as compared to tungsten carbide, ceramics :

  1. Turning of extremely tough materials that generally had to be ground.
  2. High cutting speeds and metal removal rates assuring economical applications.
  3. Tool life is substantially increased as compared to sintered carbide and ceramics.
  4. Outstanding surface finish comparable to ground finish.
  5. Higher metal removal rate as compared to grinding.
  6. Possibility of very close tolerance machining due to extremely low tool wear.
  7. Roughing and finishing cycles possible in one operation.
  8. Although not replacing the grinding operation in totality, the use of CBN tools has and will eliminate this operation in many cases.