Diamond Tools
We at Reliance Diamond Tools started manufacturing activities in the year 1994. In spite of our not so long history, we've built successful business relations for our business items based on our accumulated techniques.
We are the manufacturers of Premium quality Single point and Multi point diamond dressers, Natural diamond chisels, Burnishing tool, Natural and polycrystalline diamond turning, boring & Grooving tools, CBN & PCDinserts for turning, boring and milling, Microbore tools and tools for contact lens and intraocular lens industries and other diamond tooling as per customers requirements.

We have the infrastructure facilities in our factory to produce the tools exactly to our customer's specifications and to their complete satisfaction by having most sophisticated special purpose machine for manufacturing CBN & PCD Tools & Inserts, and also got Modern inspection equipments.

OUR MAIN MOTTO to serve our valued customers with our quality products and at the same time keeping up the delivery schedule to their utmost satisfaction.

OUR FUTURE PLAN we are in the process of expanding our production capacity in our factory and at the same time concentrating manufacture of specialised products as import substitution. With our customer's valued co-operation to us, we feel it may not be difficult for us to achieve our goal.


ISO - Certified Company What We do
We believe that good cooperation should make your day easier. Being a supplier, our principal job is to work towards improving yourproductivity and competitiveness. This is the reason why we have developed a total THEORY containing everything you need in your day-to-day work.

Optimization of production

The main purpose of all parts of the THEORY is to systematically optimise and thus make your production more efficient. Our optimisation experts will be for assistance throughout the entire process of cooperation, providing advice on choice of tools, choice of machine parameters, productivity and reliability of production. This enables you to choose the optimum tooling solutions which may either be a standard tool or special tools made of NATURAL DIAMOND, PCD and CBN.

Cost Reduction.

The fact is, we are convinced that companies cooperating with us will reduce their unit costs and improve their total tool economy significantly.

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